Friday, 26 April 2013

!!!THE END!!!

Evaluation question seven- What we have learnt about technologies from constructing this product?

Here is the sound cloud file, where my production partner talks about the technologies we have both used and what we have learnt throughout the process of creating our opening title sequence.

Preliminary task (evaluation earlier in blog)

Earlier in the year we created this preliminary task, the evaluation of the teak can be found earlier in my blog, although the video was not uploaded due to technical difficulties. Here is the final preliminary task. Please note that there is no sound in this short film, this is explained in the evaluation earlier in the year.

Evaluation question six- What has changed since the preliminary task?

We created this short video to discuss what we have learnt since creating our preliminary task, it details the differences between our preliminary task that we made in january and how we have used the skills we have learnt since then in order to create an effective and successful opening title sequence.

Evaluation question five- Attracting our target audeince

We both created this Prezi presentation to look at how successful we were in attracting our target audience. Not only did we conduct a survey which concluded that 92% of our target market were intrigued enough to want to watch on, but evaluated our opening title sequence against a list of requirements I set up after conducting our market research. 

Evaluation question 4- Who is my target audience

Our target audience is young girls ages eight to fifteen years, this is because we identified this as the main target audience for various media publications and items such as games, magazines, newspapers, clothes and toys. We created a great deal of research into the existing products and decided to use some of the elements which are presented in these, such as the bond between horses and people, although, we decided to challenge the 'girly' aspect surrounding ponies, by making Tye (TJ) appear quite heroic, strong and powerful.

Here are some of the existing products that surround the genre 'ponies' and 'horses'. As you can see, due to the colour schemes of all of the publications, games, toys and clothes, they are all aimed at young girl, after conducting a great deal of research, it became clear that they were all aimed at young girls aged between eight to eleven years. This meant we would aim our film directly to this social group, as their was a high demand, and it would be well received by this social group.

Evaluation question 4 continued...